In November I posted an item about the Academy having the honor of being named the recipient of 50 works from the Vogel Collection—arguably the finest collection of contemporary works on paper. This year, the Academy will receive works by Robert Barry, Don Hazlitt, Bill Jensen, Steve Keister, Mark Kostabi, Joel Perlman, David Reed, Judy Rifka, Richard Tuttle, and Ruth Vollmer, among others. “Excited” doesn’t begin to describe how we feel about this. And it’s thanks to Herb and Dorothy Vogel. Who are they? You can find out their incredible story at the next Friends of Film Friday—May 8, 7:30pm (or come at 6:30pm for Da Spot cookin’)—when curator Gina Caruso screens the documentary “Herb and Dorothy.” Theresa Papanikolas, the Academy’s curator of European and American Art, will introduce the film and answer questions afterward. She really knows her modern and contemporary art—so if you’re into inside scoops, don’t miss this one.

Insider info: Last year a small production company asked for permission to use an image of the Academy’s “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” by Hokusai in a documentary. I said OK, and the film turned out to be “Herb and Dorothy”! I have no idea how a classic Japanese woodblock print fits in with a story about contemporary art—keep your eyes peeled and tell us if you spot it.