The museum congratulates Masami Teraoka, who found out last week that he is the recipient of the prestigious Lee Krasner Award, given out by the New York–based Pollock Krasner Foundation in recognition of a lifetime of artistic achievement.

The foundation’s chairman and CEO Charles Bergman called Teraoka personally to inform him of the honor. Masami was “so ecstatic about hearing the grant news” that he didn’t catch Bergman’s or the grant’s name, and sent the foundation an email with the subject line “True or dream?” and wrote, “I’m wondering if I’m dreaming about the grant.”

A foundation official reassured Teraoka that it was not a dream and congratulated him on receiving this tribute to his long, distinguished career.

You can see Teraoka’s most recent work in Feast of Fools: The Triptych Paintings of Masami Teraoka, and you can see the artist in the flesh on Sunday, Aug. 23, when he will be in the gallery to open and close the triptychs (believe us, you’ll want to see what’s on the other side) and answer your questions.