The Honolulu Museum of Art School opens registration for the Spring 2018 semester on Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 10am (Dec. 11 at 10am for Contributing members). Whether you’re a lifelong Art School student or have been mulling over taking a class, we urge you to sign up and try something new.

Oh, and classes make a great Christmas gift, too—the person you give it to will think about you every time they sit down with clay or stroke a brush. It really is a gift that lasts forever, in a very tangible way. And almost all classes now include visits to the museum where students can study up close artworks directly related to what they’re learning.

Here are a few of the brand new options to choose from.


A 19th-century print by Jacques Arago depicting Hawaiian tattoos.

Art History: Pacific Tattoo Traditions, January 24-March 14
Tattooist Tricia Allen is extremely well-versed in Polynesian history and has tattooed nearly 10,000 members of the Polynesian community. In this eight-week lecture series she offers entertaining and educational insights into the traditional tattoos of Sāmoa, Aotearoa (New Zealand), the Society Islands (Tahiti), the Marquesas, Hawai‘i and Rapa Nui (Easter Island). But if you’re an aspiring tattoo artist wanting to learn technique, there is no actual tattooing in this course.

Artwork by Regina Bode

Artwork by Regina Bode

Drawing + Painting: Art & Science, January 18 + 19
In this two-day workshop, instructor Regina Bode really makes the museum collection come alive as she takes you from the Renaissance to the present day through art. And she’ll show you how to turn all that art knowledge into actual art. The workshop includes lectures, a museum visit and art making. 

Artwork by Lufi Luteru

Artwork by Lufi Luteru

Textiles and Fiber: Lauhala: Ribbon Bracelet, March 7
Kumu Lufi A. Luteru offers this two-hour introduction to Hawaiian fiber arts in which participants reate ka apolima lauhala lipine (basic lauhala and satin ribbon bracelets). Instruction also includes basic Hawaiian language terms related to ulana lauhala (pandanus weaving), as well as lauhala’s function and purpose from traditional times through its contemporary evolution.

Poetry: Starting with Art, March 31-April 21
Award-winning poet and professor Joseph Stanton leads participants in a four-week exploration of writing through classroom exercises and visits to artworks in the galleries. Sessions are divided between the Honolulu Museum of Art School and Spalding House to take advantage of the exhibition The World Reflected, which highlights contemporary art that addresses current issues.


Young Artists: Mural Painting at Spalding House, February 24-April 21
This class invites junior high and high school students to paint and repaint a large mural, documenting it with time-lapse photography to watch it change again and again! Students of all skill levels will enjoy learning to improvise, collaborate, and create a fun, time-lapse painting.

You can see the complete class list and register online here, or call the Art School office at 532-8741 to request a catalog to be mailed to you. Classes start Jan. 22 for adults and Jan. 27 for young artists.

Questions? Email the Art School at gro.muesumululonohnull@loohcstra