As this blog post is being typed, an installation team is hard at work in the Palm Courtyard assembling a large table that will provide extra seating for the Coffee Bar. Meanwhile, a new barista is being trained to serve up the 100 percent locally grown coffee, teas, OnoPops, Waialua Sodas, and, of course, those handmade cookies that we all love. Just six months after opening, the coffee bar is growing under the management of Kyle Little.

If you’ve visited the Palm Courtyard anytime in the past six months, you know that Kyle runs the Coffee Bar with contagious enthusiasm (and if you haven’t visited us in a while, chances are you’re not reading this article anyway…right? Who is this parenthetical for?). We asked Kyle what work of art in the museum is his favorite, and he replied with his signature irrepressible zest:

“The poetry of Frank O’Hara taught me how to love abstract painting. O’Hara took a job selling postcards at the MoMA in the early 1950s, and I think most of us who work here feel as lucky as he did to be close to the art. I selected this painting–“Turning” by Morris Louis–as one of my favorites in the museum’s collection because of the layers of muddy color: maybe the leaves are turning, or maybe I am. There is movement either way.”