If you’re a kid enrolled in a Honolulu Museum of Art School class, one of the best parts is the exhibition held at the end of the class—every student gets to see her or his artwork in a bona fide gallery. There is nothing like seeing your work up on a wall or on a pedestal or hanging from the ceiling. Ask a grown up—it never gets old.

Now on view through Aug. 3 is the Young Artist Summer Exhibition, featuring work completed in 26 classes and two Art Camp programs.

“As the summer program closes I feel a bit melancholy,” says Art School director Vince Hazen. “I miss the daily interactions with 20 instructors, 24 assistants, and hundreds of students, who spent the last six weeks focused on the museum’s collections and art making.”

But he’s always cheered by the resulting exhibitions. “The Art School’s administration, teachers and assistants are dedicated to nurturing the minds of our students. Developing their critical thinking, supporting inventiveness, encouraging self-reflection and articulating an appreciation of diversity is our mission,” says Hazen, who himself is an artist. “This is revealed in the Summer Exhibition—you see young minds have conjured a utopian world with clouds floating above cityscapes, dream houses made of paper and ceramics. It’s a world populated with superheroes and monsters. Our students have expressed themselves in works of abstraction; they have explored their identity in self-portraits. The variety of projects, the ambitious scale, the attention to craftsmanship and the fundamentals of art make this an exhibition that should not be missed.”

Students' depictions of super heroes in the 2014 Young Artist Summer Exhibition

Students’ depictions of super heroes in the 2014 Young Artist Summer Exhibition