Nearby W Bistro, at the corner of Victoria and King streets (where Le Guignol used to be), is the site of a mini exhibition curated by dedicated museum volunteer and instructor Lisa Shiroma (she taught this month’s Expression Session at Spalding House). On view through Aug. 31 is Island Splendor, featuring new work by Mark Brown, Clarence Chun, Martin Holzgang, Travis Sasaki, and Lisa.

“I wanted to put together artwork that was inspired by the natural beauty of our island home,” says Lisa. “I also wanted a variety of interpretations to make the show exciting. Mark Brown is known for his vibrant colors and Impressionist style. Travis and Clarence’s work is very contemporary in contrast, but they also draw inspiration from the same beautiful landscapes. Martin is a skilled colorist and I knew that whatever he came up with was going to look amazing.”

Island Splendor, through Aug. 31
W Bistro, 1010 S King St. at Victoria Street