It’s the last week to see Artists of Hawai‘i 2015! (The very last day is this Sunday—Oct. 25.) Fortunately, the Museum Shop has new items to help you hold on to its magic.

Even though she’s plenty busy climbing up and down ladders attaching swaths of moss to the Spalding House Surface Gallery’s walls for her Orvis Artist in the Museum installation Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Lauren Trangmar has found time to hand-bind 10 limited-edition copies of her Glossary of Symbolism book ($300). Identical to the one on view in Artists of Hawai‘i 2015, the book’s introductory essay by Trangmar and detailed visual glossary helps viewers interpret her printed cosmos of cyborgs and mechanized artist organs.

Trangmar bound each book’s glossy pages of printmaking paper using the Japanese stab binding technique with wax linen thread, and printed the text and images with high-quality archival ink. The cover features a gallery-quality print of Trangmar’s map Creative Macrocosm, which is also in Artists of Hawai‘i 2015.

In addition, the shop offers three exclusive 8- by 11.5-inch prints ($175 each) of Trangmar’s works from the exhibition.

The shop also commissioned whimsical stickers that are mashups of work by Trangmar and fellow Artist of Hawai‘i artist Maile Yawata. Part of their ongoing “Hapa Project,” (which has already generated t-shirts for the exhibition) the stickers feature Yawata’s typically three-dimensional ceramic works in printed form, modified by elements from Trangmar’s works. You won’t find these collab stickers anywhere else! Available in the Museum Shop while supplies last ($5.95 each).

You can meet Trangmar in person when she gives a gallery talk on her work in Artists of Hawai‘i 2015 at 4pm this Sunday! We scheduled this exhibition-closing event due to popular demand. Come learn something, support a local artist, and pick up a collectible book or stickers!