Academy Shop buyer Courtland Cleland just ran into my office all abuzz. “We got Piperoids! We’re the only shop in Honolulu to carry them!” In his hands were a Plexiglas box imprisoning two “paper craft” duos—Guyzer + Bean, and Rokusuke + Hachi. And I wanted them. They’re made out of, like, fancy straws—and embody kawaiiness. They’re the creation of Japanese design guru Takashi Tsunoda. He works by the motto “teaching values through crafts”—which means he wants to stimulate your brain when you put together these paper pipes marked by strategically positioned holes. They’re the 21st-century equivalent of model airplanes, just cuter and no glue to get wrecked.

Of course, each winsome duo has a storyline—Rokusuke is a ronin and “being always full of energy, he often gets himself in trouble except when his dog Hachi, who he adores excessively, is with him.” Courtland also got Smoke+Bill, Penk+Goriborg, Funny+Angry and Guyzer+Bean. In The Academy Shop now, $16.95 per pair. Call 532-8703 for information.