Looking for some cheeky, feel-good illustrations of adorable animals and personified fruits? Look no further than the artwork of Hawai‘i native Druscilla Santiago, also known by her pen name (and Instagram handle), Adventure Fun Club.

A graphic designer by day, Santiago calls Adventure Fun Club her passion project. When asked how long she’s been drawing, she’ll just say, “We all love drawing when we’re kids and I just never stopped.”

Armed with her creative tools and even a new portrait booth, Santiago will be stationed up at Spalding House for the museum’s maiden Dog Day Afternoon on Sunday, Aug. 26. Catch her on the lawn illustrating charming portraits of people’s pups.

We had a chance to speak to Santiago to learn more about her art and her thoughts on this event. Read the interview below:

Where does your pen name come from?

That name is maybe 13 years old. I was with my husband—my boyfriend at the time—and I think we were just talking and the phrase “adventure fun” came up. So I drew a comic about it and I sent it to him, and it was called Adventure Fun. A couple years later when I started a blog—and I don’t know if you remember because this was before Instagram and we all had blogs and we would post our inspiration and our own work and that kind of stuff—I named it Adventure Fun, and I don’t know, I just liked it so I stuck with it. If you google it, you come up with like hiking and really outdoorsy stuff, which is not really my style!

Some doggie-inspired artwork by Santiago.

Some doggie-inspired artwork by Santiago.

Tell me about what it’s like to be involved with Dog Day!

I’m really excited for it! I love drawing but drawing animals is one of my favorite things to do, and I surprisingly don’t draw a lot of dogs or at least I never used to. I don’t know, I always hung out in the realm of like bears and things like that. But I’m excited for Dog Day because I get to bring out my portrait booth, which is a new project and that actually was inspired by the Public Pet. Those guys, I met them when I moved back home—I’m from Hawai‘i—I think they found me on Instagram and they were like, “We’re having an event, do you want to come and draw dogs?” And I was like, “Yeah, I’d love to!” So I just sort of sat in a corner in their shop and drew peoples puppies. From that experience, I thought, you know what would be fun is if I had like a little booth photobooth-style.

If you were a dog, what kind of breed would you be?

I think if I were a dog, I’d probably be one of those really big ones that carry the booze in their necklaces. [Saint Bernards are] pretty chill, so I would want to be one. I don’t know if I would be, but I would want to be!

Dog Day Afternoon takes place at Spalding House on Sunday, Aug. 26 from 11am to 3pm. Tickets are $25 for museum members, $35 for general admission.