It’s not easy to turn an idea into a successful venture; coming up with a business concept is one thing, getting everybody to see it the way you do is another. Effectively communicating a brand is a crucial step for any creative professional or entrepreneur, which is why founder and CEO of Jasmine Takanikos Consulting Group Jasmine Takanikos and jewelry designer and teacher at Parsons School of Design Bliss Lau have offered to help artists, designers, and entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next level with the two-day intensive workshop Centering Your Brand: Building You and Your Business Within Your Community November 5+6.

As they were gearing up for the workshop, Lau and Takanikos talked with us about the importance of brand optimization, and what students can expect in the workshop.

How did you get into the business of being a consultant?
Jasmine: I saw an incredible need to re-work the way brand strategy, marketing, and business development functioned within an advisory role. My first client was New Balance and they brought me into every meeting they thought I would be helpful in. This really built my initial skill set in all areas of branding.

Why are things such as marketing, branding, and business development important when creating your brand?
J: They are the foundation of what a brand is. Without them there is no brand.

You draw upon many different styles to create your own. Why is it important for people to look everywhere for inspiration, and how does it benefit your own work?
Bliss: Limitations are important for design. They create boundaries within which to solve design problems and access ideas. Inspiration draws those boundaries and feeds the ability to invent, play, and explore. Inspiration is also a highly personal choice and helps defines a designer’s vision.

Where did the idea of creating a workshop like this come from?
J: Bliss and I lecture quite a bit outside of teaching at Parsons together, and we were seeing an incredible response from adult learners through intensive learning environments. My work with my methodology BrandHuman has taught me that when you take a deep dive into learning, you are more likely to build your idea out.

Why is optimizing your brand important?
J: Building a brand is about constantly strategizing; what is optimal today may be void tomorrow. What is optimal must be measured based on your business’ specific goals, finding what works for both your brand and you as the entrepreneur.

B: Also, to help foster the creative community within the classroom, we create an open space encouraging the sharing of skills and backgrounds to help build community throughout the course. Everyone has something they can bring to the table.

Part of the programming for Hawai‘i in Design, the workshop is the result of a partnership between the museum and the State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism (DBEDT). The deadline to register is November 1. Register here, then join Lau and Takanikos for a free lecture The Brand of Self: The Entrepreneurial Journey with Bliss Lau + Jasmine Takanikos Monday November 7.