There are a lot of talented students who would thrive in extracurricular art settings. Not just to allow those who are already into art to explore new techniques and media, but for any student who would benefit from being able to stretch their brains through creative problem solving, new ideas and new friends. But we get it—these days it can be hard just to cover regular school expenses.

Thanks to a group of generous donors who have set up endowments, the museum offers a significant number of financial aid scholarships. For the Spring Semester, the Art School is accepting applications from Nov. 1 to 15. Applications are accepted online only.

Read about two past scholarship recipients and their Art School experience.

Here’s more info.

Here’s the link to the online application, which will be available starting Nov. 1 at 10am.

Want to contact a human? Email Associate Director of Youth Programs Hannah Craft at gro.muesumululonohnull@tfarch.