Sure it’s still early-ish December…or is it? Christmas is already less than two weeks away. If you haven’t wrapped up (get it?) your holiday shopping already, now is the time to get it done. With that in mind, here are a few more gifts you can find in the Museum Shop and Spalding House Shop.

The best of HoMA in 162 pages

Out just in time for the holidays is the museum’s first general catalog in 24 years. Collection Highlights is a gorgeous roundup of the museum’s 133 best works of art, selected by the museum’s curators. From a 4,500-year-old Cycladic sculpture to a 21st-century Tony Oursler video-and-tchochke assemblage that talks to you—with dazzling Asian and Hawai‘i art in between—the parade of works reveals a collection of amazing breadth that we can all be proud of calling “ours.” Having this on your coffee table will make up for your not visiting the museum at least once a year (sort of). $29.95

Analog fun

Remember the days before you dug out the iPad to pass the time while en route to somewhere? When a pack of cards or an Othello game set kept your mind and hands occupied? Austin-based Bright Beams’ visually tasty travel tic-tac-toe will get kids (and the kid-like) off the screen for IRL play. $25

Pencils that give you wings

These are a must-have for any creative person in your life. Whether they write song lyrics, sketches, or are just avid doodlers. These pencils use premium Japanese graphite and California Incense-cedar that offers a performance so smooth that fans were willing to pay up to $40 per pencil on ebay after they were discontinued in 1998. Luckily they were revived in 2010, so you need only pay $2.50 per pencil ($26.95 for a set of 12). While you’re at it, pick up a Blackwing two-step pencil sharpener ($9.95), which features two separate sharpening blades—one for the wood, and one for the graphite—for the ultimate point.

Now that you’ve got pencils, here’s where you can stick ‘em

It’s 2pm, you’re starting to crash, and the office is out of coffee. The minutes feel like hours, but you take comfort in the idea that it’s Friday, and you’re now only two hours away from sweet, sweet freedom. Until you look at the calendar and realize…it’s only Tuesday.

Don’t take your rage out on the road; take it out on this Wood-oo anti-stress penholder. This sleek little office accessory is capable of being impaled with up to eight pens or pencils—as in, for example, those luxurious Blackwing pencils—of varying diameters, and is made with FSC certified beechwood, which means the wood is harvested from well managed forests.