Now that you’ve survived the Hunger Games-esque savagery of Black Friday, it’s time to get organized. Whatever you picked up on your epic crusade for great deals, you’ll need to wrap. Got a tree? You need to decorate it. Is your home looking the same as it ever was? You’ll need to drop some holiday spirit on those with festive candles. Instead of going from store to store hunting and gathering your holiday accoutrements, make just one stop at the Museum Shops.

Holiday style
Without decorations, the tree you picked up behind the strip mall will have died in vain. When you display your tree corpse in front of your window to send a warning to other trees à la Vlad the Impaler, make sure they get the message with these festive decorations.

Our candles are lit! Or, at least, they will be…you know…when you light them. Add a little class to your holiday scene with these glittering ornament-shaped-candles. Just don’t hang them on your tree, because 1) They’re heavy, and 2) Your tree might catch fire. Our candles are lit, remember? $9.95 each.

Local designers Jenny Marion and Wendy Ikeda (as Heartfelt, they won our Art-o-Mat contest) have created a line of fuzzy ornaments big and small to give your tree some character. The lineup includes everything from cutesy forest creatures to sci-fi monstrosities, and a series of pointy-hatted bearded figures that look like they belong in Santa’s workshop. $19–$30 each.

Get a job, hippies!

A perennial crowd favorite are these handcrafted ornaments from the Marshall Islands. The artisans use the same technique their ancestors used to make stick charts—navigational instruments used in the Marshall Islands until WWII. made with bleached young coconut palm leaves, hibiscus fibers, and cowrie shells. $9.95 each

Want to make your ornaments pop? Austin-based company Bright Beam Goods takes a cue from IKEA with a line of wood ornaments that you assemble yourself. Among the designs are winged unicorns, sea turtles, and jackalopes. $18.95 each.

You could go to Hallmark and pick up a card with some cliché sentiment that your nephew won’t even see as he looks for a check, or you could tell him how you really feel with a card from one of our shops. Chicago-based Naughty Betty knows what the holidays are really about. Their greeting cards may be sassy, but they’re goody two shoes at heart—the cards are printed with certified wind power in the USA on recycled paper with soy or vegetable-based inks. $4 each.

Want to kill two reindeer with one stone? Paper Pop Cards make pop-up designs that detach to become tree ornaments! Choose from gift boxes, Santa’s sleigh, and Christmas trees. $10.95 each.

The stuff that gets in the way of presents
Before they’re opened, you want your gifts to stand out under the tree. The answer is Pepin wrapping paper books—choose from Islamic designs, Chinese patterns, and Op Art (that last one is good for for those who want to intrigue and possibly induce vertigo in their loved ones). Each book includes 12 large sheets, each featuring a different design. $15.99.

Most important, when your friends and family open their gifts, they needn’t wonder who has changed their life forever. Make sure you get the credit you deserve by writing your name in bold letters and “#yourewelcome” on one of Mozaic Paper’s gift tags. The local printing company’s line of high-quality tags feature modern and natural designs, as well as a card to welcome the year of the rooster. $9.95 for a set of three.