Now that Feast of Fools: The Triptych Paintings of Masami Teraoka has closed, the Contemporary Gallery is back to its regularly scheduled programming—rotations of works from the collection of contemporary art. Curator of contemporary art James Jensen has called the current rotation, a selection of postwar and contemporary American art, American Array.

While the bulk of the exhibition will be on view for more than a year, a handful of significant pieces will be rotated out of the gallery on Oct. 25. These works include: George L.K. Morris, Recessional (oil on canvas); Irene Rice Pereira, Abstraction (oil on canvas); Philip Guston (oil on canvas); Charles Arnoldi, Honeymoons (acrylic and wood on panels); Jim Dine, Job #1 (mixed-media on canvas), and Joseph Kosuth, Words are Deeds (neon).

“All of these works have not been on view in some time and are major examples of the artists’ work,” says Jensen. “Morris and Pereira were key members of the Abstract American Artists group that was organized in New York in the 1930s to foster the appreciation for and understanding of abstract art. Dine, from New York, and Arnoldi, from Los Angeles, are among the best-known American contemporary artists.”

Replacing the abovementioned works in the Contemporary Gallery are David Smith, Hirebecca (welded and painted steel); Lee Bontecou, Untitled (welded steel, canvas, velvet hooks, grommets, sockets, velveteen, pipe fittings, fiberglass, corduroy, spark plugs, paint, and wire); Robert Rauschenberg, Trophy V (for Jasper Johns) (Combine-painting on canvas); and Roy Lichtenstein, Woman Contemplating a Yellow Cup (paint and pigmented wax on machined aluminum); and Bruce Nauman, Raw-War (lithograph on paper).