The students of Lee Schaller’s Communication Arts 101 class at Honolulu Community College had a final project to do for this semester—an advertising and marketing campaign. They picked the Honolulu Academy of Arts to be the client. The students split up into three “agencies” and visited the Academy and Spalding House in September. This morning they each gave a presentation on campus to me and Schaller (who herself is an advertising and marketing professional who counts the museum as a past client).

They did a bang up job, coming up with mock ups of print ads, storyboards for a TV spot, media buying plan, and marketing schemes. And each gave me a polished printed version of their presentation. Very impressive work!

The teams were:

Kreative ADdiktion
Campaign theme: Two Hearts as One. Art for Everyone.
“As a group we decided that the ‘gap’ between the Honolulu Academy of Arts and The Contemporary Museum was like a bridge between two hearts. Coming together as part of the merger, it’s like two hearts beating as one.”

Campaign theme: Classic Meets Modern
“This slogan is what we felt would sum everything up. While the Honolulu Academy of Arts is the ‘classic,’ The Contemporary Musem is the ‘modern.’ The slogan explains each location while indicating that they have come together to become one entity.”

Ohana Ads
Campaign theme: Harmony of the Heart (they also created a slick logo of HMA, with the “m” a stylized, calligraphic heart)
“The themeline ‘harmony of the heart’ combines what art requires most—soul, in this case represented as a heart—with the merging of the museums. This is to show that The Contemporary Museum and the Honolulu Academy of Arts have not only merged, but have become unified in a much stronger, “soulful” way.

The students did an amazing job of absorbing all the elements of the museums, and synthesizing that information down to three strong campaigns with great accompanying graphics. The staff of the “new” Honolulu Museum of Art thanks you for your wonderful work. (I’ve already cribbed one idea for an upcoming ARTafterDARK graphic!)