We are so honored that Eloise Wickersham chose the Honolulu Museum of Art Café to celebrate her birthday—her 103rd birthday! Her friends—who are all longtime supporters of the museum— brought her to the museum for lunch today. When museum director Stephan Jost heard she was in the café, he quickly prepared a birthday card for her and brought it down to meet Eloise. A radiant, rosy-cheeked Eloise, her nails painted a fashionable black, reminisced about her days as a museum docent in the 1960s—and how she came to the museum every day, she loves it so much. Eloise arrived in Hawai‘i in 1930 when she was 21. Oh all the things she must have seen. The museum thanks Eloise for her many years of support and appreciation of the museum.

Pictured above, is Eloise Wickersham (seated) with (left to right) Marge Pescaia, Nancy Kinghorn, Hanalore Herbig, Grace Sabandal, and Jeanne Nowaki.