The Transporters copyThis past Sunday (Bank of Hawaii Family Sunday, that is) Steve Coy fielded questions about his installation, and helped visitors gain a better understanding of what he is trying to accomplish. Most notably,  Coy exchanged ideas with an inquisitive seven-year-old. They discussed the use of gold paint. The seven–year-old concluded that Coy’s decision was the right one.  “A silver tree wouldn’t have the same effect,” he said.

His work isn’t something familiar, particularly to those who come to this museum to visit the Monet and have lunch. It flirts on the edges of what we traditionally know to be art, and the viewer struggles to pin it down; peg it into its hole. As frustrating as this can be, struggling to make sense of something that doesn’t is a great thing.  It makes the “Aha moment” and walking out of the museum with a broader understanding of what art can be that much more sweet.

“Aha moments” shouldn’t be reserved only for the artist.

You’ve got three more chances to experience this “aha moment.” Come visit Steve Coy this weekend—April 24 and 25—and at ARTafterDARK: Camelot on April 30 as he finishes up his residency.