Film Curator Gina Caruso works her patootie off to keep the Doris Duke Theatre film program in the same loop as any other top art house in the country. Proof: Back in May her Friends of Film Friday cinema program screened “Obscene,” a riveting documentary about publishing maverick Barney Rosset (that’s him pictured in 1967). That film is just opening in New York City now. In case you missed out on the literary/cinematic treat at Doris Duke, read Charles McGrath’s charming review in the New York Times and see the trailer.

You don’t have to miss out anymore. Friends of Film Friday, Season 3, returns Oct. 10. Join and see all 15 movies (become an Academy member and get a discount), rub shoulders with other film fans and meet film directors (Gina got film master Frederick Wiseman and Planet B-Boy auteur Benson Lee to speak at FFF this year). But you don’t HAVE to join to go to an FFF screening. We welcome walk-ins. But why would you pay $15 to see a movie? Because of all the extras—asking the director questions, being part of an informed discussion, seeing a film that’s so new it’s not even in theaters anywhere yet. Same price as a HIFF ticket. In fact, it’s like having HIFF for six months long.

NEW THIS SESSION: There are 15 films instead of 10, and they are shown two a month so you don’t have to commit 10 Fridays in a row to the art of celluloid. We know you have lives. In place of coffee and dessert, your FFF membership will get you a glass of premium wine (no Yellowtail or any other cheap swill). And everyone’s favorite pan-Mediterranean caterers Da Spot will sell delicious dishes. You can make FFF dinner and a movie. 

Kick-off film: “America, the Beautiful,” a documentary in the vein of Michael Moore that explores the insidious results of the beauty industry. It touches on everything from cosmetic surgery to anorexia nervosa, and follows 12-year-old Gerren Taylor (pictured left), on the path to becoming the next Naomi Campbell. Preadolescent in years, she’s a striking woman on the runway, doing the trademark pony prance with aplomb. Yet the vagaries of the fashion and beauty world have her saying “I’m ugly” by the end of the film. Filmmaker Darryl Roberts (check out his blog) will be here to introduce the film and lead what we know will be an animated Q+A. You’ll have questions, believe me. Read the LA Times story on Gerren and” America, the Beautiful.”