Coming out in October is the museum’s new catalog Collection Highlights—featuring the museum’s very best 134 works in one book. We’re so excited about it that we’ve created an exhibition around it—opening Nov. 3 is HoMA SELECT at Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House. In the show are 24 of the works in the catalog, underscoring the high quality of the museum’s collection. Artworks are installed in non-traditional and unexpected ways, regardless of time period, genre, or geographical origin, provoking thought and discussion about the value of art, the function of collections, and the curatorial process.

Our Education Department has in turn created a new multidisciplinary tour of HoMA SELECT, where students can decide for themselves what makes these works so special or important? How were the artists inspired to create them? How was the artwork created? Is there a connection between the art-making process and the concept of evolution and natural selection?

During the Natural Selection tour, students will venture into the galleries to investigate relationships between art, science, curiosity, and inspiration. Students will use the artworks to explore scientific concepts of habitats, adaptation, traits, and basic needs of survival. Through participation in docent-led discussions students will consider common questions about art. Students will also participate in an art project that will build upon their observation and experience in the gallery to create an original work of art guided by the museum’s teaching artists.

This tour is designed for grades K-12 and runs November 3, 2016 to June 25, 2017. Registration for the tour is now open.

HoMA Select is generously supported by the Borick Foundation.

Learn more and sign up for this FREE tour here.