The museum’s Learning and Engagement Department is constantly devising new ways to create educational opportunities around its exhibitions. Now a new, free school tour, Literacy through Art, combines exploration of the exhibition The World Reflected at Spalding House with multiple experiences making art and unpacking the rich messages of visual works.

As our world becomes increasingly image-based—in the form of everything from emojis and gifs to wordless advertisements and street art—being literate requires skill in evaluating not only written text, but visual texts as well. To make sense of pictures, we need to look closely, to generate inferences based on what we can observe, to create narratives, to consider context, to determine cause and effect, and to evaluate credibility, message and purpose. On the Literacy through Art tour, students can sharpen their skills as readers and communicators of the visual world and explore the overlap between images and written text.

The free tour is designed for grades 3 to 12 and still has dates open for the 2017-2018, fall and spring semesters. Bus subsidies are currently available.

Interested educators can learn more and sign up online.