Hawai‘i teachers! Here is an easy-to-accomplish New Year’s Resolution for you:
“In 2017 I will enrich my students’ education with a field trip to the Honolulu Museum of Art.”

Between testing, class management, grading, and being an all around great role model, there are a 1,001 other things you’re dealing with. So we get it—you can’t afford to spend a lot of time organizing a field trip. That’s why we have such an easy sign-up process for our free school tours.

We made a list and checked it twice—follow these steps to complete your first resolution of 2017:

Step 1: Go to our website to choose a FREE tour for your class. Make Art tours include free transportation this year!
Step 2: Sign up for your preferred date.

Two simple steps and your 2017 is already off to a productive start. Go teachers!

Students turn into artists at the Art School during the make art portion of a school tour.

Our free school tours are created by a team of educators who make sure the content is standards-based and relevant to work in the classroom. We offer tours for different grade levels that include interactive activities in the galleries. Tours have many different themes and integrate art with core content such as math, science, literacy, and social studies.

MAKE ART tours include a tour-related art lesson at the Art School with professional art teachers. Bus transportation for MAKE ART tours is FREE this year thanks to a generous donation from the Borick Foundation.