Fuzzy walls, inflatable unicorns, and giant mushrooms are just a few things that can be found in Harajuku: Tokyo Street FashionIt is certainly a different kind of exhibition than we’ve ever done before, so it deserves a different kind of programming.

This exhibition is all about having fun, so with that in mind we’ve come up with a game. On Monday Jan 4 we went around town scattering 500 white rabbit cards (pictured above) to shops and bars for people to discover. Those who do have an opportunity to go on a scavenger hunt we created just for #HarajukuHoMA, and could win prizes that include a VIP experience at ARTafterDARK (which includes admission for four, a reserved table, and a bottle of wine), and museum memberships.

Interested in joining the hunt? You’ll have to #followthewhiterabbit. You can begin by looking for our cards in any of these locations. Hurry! The hunt ends Jan 22.

REAL Gastropub
Honolulu Beerworks
Shop Toast
Owens & Co
Proof Public House
Pint & Jigger
Bread & Butter Island Cafe
Hound and Quail
Downbeat Diner & Lounge

Pro tip: It will help to have a smart phone for this scavenger hunt, as you’ll need a QR scanner, and a Snapchat account.

Happy hunting!