For three years Trisha Lagaso Goldberg, as curator of thirtyninehotel‘s gallery, has been running the most exciting indie art program in town. Thanks to her—and the unflagging, generous support of thirtyninehotel founder and managing director Gelareh Khoie—Honolulu has had the opportunity to experience the work of artists such as Rajkamal Kahlon, Los Jaichackers Eamon Ore-Giron and Julio César Morales, and Jenifer Wofford. She draws on the art relationships she cultivated during 13 years in San Francisco, where she attended the San Francisco Art Institute and was the executive director of Southern Exposure community art center. (She’s also an artist, and was included in The Contemporary Museum’s 2006 exhibition “Alimatuan.” Plus she’s an Academy member and former ARTafterDARK committee member. Thanks!)What these artists all share, besides international recognition, is community-based work. It’s an element important to O‘ahu-born and raised Lagaso Goldberg and Khoie. Which is why they started the 39CARP artist residency program, which kicked off in February 2008 with Los Jaichackers’ Double Grooves and Dirty Menudo and continued last summer with “This Fever I Can’t Resist,” a site-specific installation by California artists Megan Wilson and Carolyn Castaño. The program invites University of Hawai‘i art students to assist the visiting artists in the installation of their work, giving aspiring artists invaluable experience.

The program’s third installment brings street artist Aaron Noble to Honolulu. Noble, who had a show at the Hammer Museum in 2002 and worked in Indonesia as part of an artist exchange program (among many, many other projects), is now standing in contorted positions on a ladder painting on the walls of thirtyninehotel his comic-book inspired imagery. “At Work in the Egg Fieldsopens to the public Feb. 6, on First Friday. But before that, he will be interviewed “Behind the Actors Studio” style at the UH Art Building, Room 101, Feb. 5, 6-7:30pm, by David A.M. Goldberg, cultural critic, writer, and husband of Lagaso Goldberg. Armed with charmingly dry wits, the two men will have a memorable exchange (I observed the two of them discussing the social implications of female ninjas at Indigo last weekend). Don’t miss it.