Join us on July 9 for a conversation with Healoha Johnston, our curator of the Arts of Hawai‘i, as we look at the works of artist Hubert Vos in the exhibition Hubert Vos: Class, Culture and Curios. Johnston will lead you on an extended look at these paintings of Hawai‘i, followed by a discussion about artistic intention and how that influences the viewer.

Dutch artist Hubert Vos was known for his portraits that capture the essence of the sitter in a very realistic style. Vos traveled the world, fascinated by the diversity of people and places he encountered. Two of his works from our collection, A Study of Hawaiian Fish and Kolomona: Hawaiian Troubador are featured in our Classroom Poster Project series.

Following the conversation, participants will create their own six-word narratives inspired by the works of art and discuss how this activity could be used as a launching point in the classroom. The morning concludes with a light lunch and networking.

This event is open to all teachers.


6/3/16 UPDATE: This workshop is closed.  Email gro.muesumululonohnull@elgnej to inquire about the next teacher workshop.