Yesterday our latest group of 24 docents graduated and had a little ceremony with director Stephan Jost, director of tour and docent programs Betsy Robb, tour scheduler Jan Tucker, sparkling wine and pūpū. The event was the culmination of two years of work—the docents trained every Monday and completed 1,600 hours of tours. They completed courses on Western Art: Antiquities to the 18th Century; 19th- to 20th-Century European, Contemporary, Oceanic and Hawaiian Art; Native American, Philippine, Islamic, Indonesian, and Indian Art; and Chinese, Korean and Japanese Art. They are a great, professional, knowledgeable crew and we hope you’ll take a tour on your next visit to the museum.

For the first time, graduating docents received a certificate from the University of Hawai‘i Outreach School certifying their completion of the docent training course. Paulette Feeney of the Outreach School was on hand to give each docent their certificate.

Congratulations to: Shelley Buechel, Dietra Cordea, Marianne Dymond, Talbert Fox, Sue Francis, Carolyn Hilton, Patti Kasanow, Mary Kehano, Joan Larcom, Dwight Lowrey, Lizzy Lowrey, Margaret Mann, Flora Obayashi, Dineene O’Connor, Joanne Ogata, Cynthia Ong, Evelyn Redman, Carol E. Root, Suzette Scotti, Jeri Simons, Andrea Snyder, Barbara Shirley, and Ruth Wilson.

And a big thank you to these new and veteran docents—their passion for art, time commitment to the museum, and engagement with visitors are invaluable.