HoMA at the Peles, from left, Scott Whelden, Angela Ni, Lesa Griffith, Jared Stone

On April 23, the Honolulu Museum of Art won five Pele Awards, all of them for the communications and advertising campaign around the exhibition Harajuku: Tokyo Street Fashion.

Jared Stone's "Harajuku" logo

Jared Stone’s “Harajuku” logo

The awards are:
• Gold: Online/interactive, social media, multiple platforms for Harajuku: Tokyo Street Fashion social media campaign
• Gold: Exhibition installation for Harajuku: Tokyo Street Fashion (with credit going to installation designer Larry Maruya and textiles curator Sara Oka, as well as art director Jared Stone)
• Silver: Integrated consumer/local advertising campaign for Harajuku: Tokyo Street Fashion
• Bronze: Logo design, for “Harajuku: Tokyo Street Fashion”
• Bronze: Direct marketing, for “Harajuku: Tokyo Street Fashion” direct mail membership appeal

The "Harajuku" social media campaign included a white-rabbit scavenger hunt on Snapchat

The “Harajuku” social media campaign included a white-rabbit scavenger hunt on Snapchat

It’s unusual for an organization that is not an advertising agency, design firm or publishing company to win a Pele for its own work done in house. Companies such as HMSA, Hawaiian Airlines, and Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, in addition to having communications departments, hire outside firms to do work like this.

As director of communications, I’m thrilled to work with the museum’s incredibly talented communications team:

  • Travis Hancock, web content coordinator
  • Angela Ni, junior graphic designer
  • Jared Stone, art director
  • Shuzo Uemoto, staff photographer
  • Scott Whelden, digital media associate

The Pele Awards is a District 13 American Advertising Awards competition (formerly known as the ADDY Awards). The Peles recognize the best advertising and design work created in Hawai‘i. See all the winners.