Three years in the making, Chen Chan Chen • 陳 陳 陳  is now on view in the Arts of Hawai‘i Gallery. (Diane Chen KW first announced the show on our blog.) It all began when Gaye Chan, Constance Chen Liu, and Diane Chen KW discovered parallels in their life experiences: They were all born in the 1950s, all grew up during the years when the Chinese Cultural Revolution took place, and all of their families emigrated when Mao took power. Even their surnames are the same in Chinese characters.

The artists were given identical sets of mass-produced ceramic statues typical of Chinese Cultural Revolution propaganda, and tasked with expressing how the cultural revolution shaped their family histories and individual lives. Just moments before the opening reception of their exhibition on Sept. 29, Gaye (left), Constance (center), and Diane (right) met for the first time since the project began to discuss how they approached their work, the challenges they faced, their histories, and their inspirations.

Chen Chan Chen is on view through March 12, 2017