There’s something bittersweet about balloons—they serve as fluffy milestones, marking times of achievement and worth, yet they also remind you that those moments are just that, and can unexpectedly pop, deflate or just float away. We live for moments, and in art it is often the moment of completion that measures its worth. For the artist, though, the brainstorm, the process, and the execution is equally important. It is more often than not, what keeps creative souls coming back for more.allison's wonderland

Print and balloon maker, Allison Uttley is the first of four artists in residence this year here at the Academy. Funded by the Arthur and Mae Orvis Foundation, each AIR gets full use of the Museum Learning Center’s Gallery 31 and Art Studio for six weeks.  The residency, which was conceived last June, is open to University of Hawaii–Mânoa art grad students and recent MFA recipients of the program. Unique to these islands, the artist in residence program offers a tremendous opportunity for fresh new talent to get their foot in the door of Hawai’i’s art scene.

Follow the signs and check out Allison Uttley as she creates balloons, er, floating sculptures in Gallery 31 Art Studio TONIGHT at ARTafterDARK. She will also be here every weekend through October 25.