Spalding House

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We are looking for volunteer docents!+

Join our next volunteer docent training course! Any teacher who has brought their students on a guided school tour knows...

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Educating Educators: Ualani Davis and Andrea Charuk+

Working parallel to the museum’s core full-time staff is a phalanx of part-time artist instructors who create curriculum for and...

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Spatial Sculptors: Wrapping up our Orvis residency at Spalding House+

We just completed our Orvis Artist in Residency at Spalding House! Over the course of the past six weeks, Spatial...

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Wanted: Vigilante group TheFUZZ, for the crime of yarnbombing the Cades Pavilion+

It was a crisp, clear July morning at Spalding House—birds were singing, and through the trees Diamond Head was highlighted...

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HI Society artist walk-through August 15+

Educators are invited to join the artists of HI Society as they walk through the exhibition and talk about their...

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For teachers: August 16 HI Society workshop+

The museum invites educators to sign up for our next teacher workshop that takes place on August 16.  This half-day...

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Hawaiian Electric helps students make ‘Inquiring Finds’ at Spalding House+

Thanks to Hawaiian Electric’s $15,000 sponsorship of Inquiring Finds: The Science Behind the Art at Spalding House, about 45 schools...

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Cody Naganuma’s favorite work of art (in the collection)+

Cody Naganuma is our administrative assistant at Spalding House, as well as a talented artist. We asked him what his...

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For teachers: Museum holds focus group on art and science June 6+

On view at Spalding House through July 6 is the exhibition Inquiring Finds: The Science Behind the Art, which has...

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Kinetic teaching tool: Ross Mukai’s Rube Goldberg machine at Spalding House+

Spalding House curator Aaron Padilla was looking for a way to illustrate the idea of kinesis for the exhibition Inquiring...

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