Shangri La

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Beyond the museum: Shangri La conservator Kent Severson talks about his work in Iraq+

Shangri La conservator Kent Severson tirelessly works on conserving the...

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Islamic Gallery closes during September for reinstallation+

In April, curator of Asian art Shawn Eichman announced that...

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Paradise found: The Garden Club of Honolulu’s Shangri La flower show+

Hawai’i is relentlessly referred to as a paradise—but what does...

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Take home the Shangri La experience+

Opening Feb. 12 is Doris Duke’s Shangri La: Architecture, Landscape,...

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The Islamic World Through Art: Travel the Silk Road and more+

The Islamic World Through Art guided school tour starts Feb...

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Shangri La’s inside man: Paul Carry+

This past October, museum director Stephan Jost appointed Paul Carry...

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