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Educating Educators: U‘alani Davis and Andrea Charuk+

Working parallel to the museum’s core full-time staff is a phalanx of part-time artist instructors who create curriculum for and...

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Here it is, your moment of zen: Security Supervisor Lars Tellander+

Regular readers of this enewsletter know from this “Staff Pick” series that many museum staff members develop varying degrees of...

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Where Egyptian tradition and dubstep meet: The creator of Shimmy Showcase on this year’s extravaganza+

Malia Delapenia created the Hawaii Belly Dance Convention a decade ago, and this year she kicks the weeklong program off...

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Going en plein air with instructor Andrew Rose+

(Andrew Rose [right] with a student. Photo courtesy Andrew Rose, 2014) Entering Andrew Rose’s namesake gallery in Pauahi Tower, leaving...

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Congratulations 2014 graduating docents!+

Congratulations to our newest crop of school tour docents who graduated just last week and have hit the ground running....

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Kyle Little or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Abstract Art+

As this blog post is being typed, an installation team is hard at work in the Palm Courtyard assembling a...

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Artist John Koga’s Naked Tears in the Nanogallery+

A former phone booth in the lobby of the Honolulu Museum of Art School has become a fun and formidable...

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Duncan Dempster: New directions for Honolulu Printmakers+

“Printmaking is such a powerful entry point into creative production for people from all walks of life,” says Duncan Dempster,...

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Talking tech with AV maestro Eric Kelekolio+

In the past year, music programming at the Doris Duke Theatre has enjoyed a phenomenal reboot. As discussed in our...

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Gov. Neil Abercrombie: The museum is a chance for you to reflect on your humanity+

We asked Hawai‘i’s art-loving governor Neil Abercrombie, who has been coming to the Honolulu Museum of Art since he was...

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