European and American art

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Inside Abstract Expressionism: Isami Doi’s ‘My Mystic Pilgrimage’+

The museum’s once-in-a-lifetime show is in its home stretch. Don’t...

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Staff Pick: Rebecca Barat on Nathaniel Allen, moles and all+

“If you’ve ever had fun at ARTafterDARK, it’s because of...

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William Harnett’s ‘Still Life: Clay Pipe, Tobacco, Matches and Poster’+

William Harnett’s Still Life: Clay Pipe, Tobacco, Matches and Poster,...

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Staff Pick: Cynthia Low connects with Modigliani’s aesthetic+

“I don’t come to the galleries enough,” says Cynthia Low,...

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Timothy J. Standring: Rock and roll with Degas+

This year is the centenary of Edgar Degas’s death. To...

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Philippine Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia has a HoMA ‘Encounter’+

The Philippine ambassador to Washington Jose L. Cuisia visited the...

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Two special offerings focus on explorers and Christian art+

Christine Park has joined the museum’s Education Department as a...

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