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Staff pick: Celeste Ohta opts for opulent Korean screens+

The museum’s collections managers oversee the movement of artwork to...

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Timothy J. Standring: Rock and roll with Degas+

This year is the centenary of Edgar Degas’s death. To...

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Remembering Betty Wo+

The museum is saddened by the passing last week of Trustee...

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‘HoMA SELECT’ presents collection masterpieces in a new light+

At the end of the short, sun-yellow corridor at the...

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Meet our new highlights catalog+

If you had to pick the best works in the...

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Curator’s notes: Charles Furneaux and the Volcano School+

Opening this week is Charles Furneaux and the Sublime, which...

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Allison Wong: Connecting education to our collection+

At the Honolulu Museum of Art, the collection and education...

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Staff Pick: Textiles curator Sara Oka’s lesson in art appreciation+

Surrounded by more than 6,000 textiles and costumes from around...

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We are all stewards of culture: From curators, to staff, to the community+

Last month, European and American art curator Theresa Papanikolas and...

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Curator’s notes: Piero di Cosimo’s ‘Saint John the Evangelist’ is back+

Piero di Cosimo’s masterful Saint John the Evangelist has mystified...

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George Rickey sculptures receive some TLC+

The kinetic sculptures of George Rickey are mesmerizing. Found on...

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Making order out of chaos: John Sy+

The museum’s development department helps keep the lights on and...

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The season of giving: See the museum’s recent gifts and acquisitions starting Thursday+

Museums are constantly adding to their collections—filling the gaps of...

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Abstract Expressionism on ‘Mad Men’ and at the museum+

Last Sunday’s episode of “Mad Men,” that moody chronicler of the...

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