Art of Hawai‘i

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Creating art for ‘Wahi Pana’+

“Wahi” a few, “pana” the heartbeat of place; the beat...

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Honolulu Biennial 2019: Kapulani Landgraf on ʻAu‘a+

Kapulani Landgraf’s installation ‘Au‘a, one of four Honolulu Biennial 2019...

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King Kalākaua’s 1881 World Tour+

Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou! Did you know that in 1881, King...

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Beyond the museum: Get a discount on admission to Bishop Museum until Jan. 27+

Did you know our milestone exhibition Ho‘oulu Hawai‘i: The King...

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Mayor Kirk Caldwell and First Lady of Hawai‘i Dawn Amano-Ige visit ‘Ho‘oulu’+

Arranged by Chairman of the Board of Trustees Violet S.W....

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Curator’s notes: Healoha Johnston details the history between King Kalākaua and portrait photography+

By the mid-19th century, photography was replacing early printmaking techniques as the primary...

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Celebrating Charles R. Wichman’s dedication to art in Hawaiʻi+

At last month’s meeting, the museum’s board of trustees honored...

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Charles Cohan on collaboration and memory in ‘Ground’+

Charles Cohan and Abigail Romanchak with Converge II ­­­Master printmaker Charles...

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UH dance students find inspiration in ‘Artists of Hawai‘i 2017′+

This past Saturday, students of University of Hawai‘i dance professor...

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Hawaiian quilts head to Honolulu sister city Chigasaki+

The museum’s curatorial departments often collaborate with each other, as...

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Chen Chan Chen chat ‘Chen Chan Chen’+

Three years in the making, Chen Chan Chen • 陳 陳...

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Kris Goto on travel, success, and attention to detail+

If you haven’t seen Kris Goto’s work around town yet,...

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For teachers: Poster project brings the arts to your classroom+

Are you looking for a way to integrate arts education...

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Curator’s notes: Charles Furneaux and the Volcano School+

Opening this week is Charles Furneaux and the Sublime, which...

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