Team Wiki: Sabrina Velazquez and Lesa Griffith at Wiki Loves Art meet-up, Feb. 27Thanks to everyone who showed-up at the last ARTafterDARK, “Mughal” on  February 27, we had a great turnout of participants (cameras in hand) for our final meet-up for Wikipedia Loves Art. About 22 teams showed up that night and more than a dozen more interested museum-goers stopped by to find out what was going on. (That’s me biting the sign and Lesa Griffith, Academy Director of Communications).
Now we are in tally mode. Thanks to our friends at the Brooklyn Museum who are scanning through all of the pics, making sure all snapshots are accounted for and the correct points are given. Here at HAA we are captioning the images to hopefully be used on Wikipedia! We will announce the winner of the Wiki Loves Art challenge as soon as we tally and judge the hundreds of pics submitted—we want to make sure we get it right!

In the meantime, if you participated you’ll find updates on the Wikipedia Loves Art Flickr page and our blog.