Art and music are set to collide on the evening of May 31st at the South Shore Market at Ward. The museum’s collections manager Brady Evans, Honolulu Museum of Art School art history instructor Gary Liu and the Honolulu Printmakers executive director Duncan Dempster will perform at Mori Live Sessions, which seeks to showcase local bands and musicians. Evans describes the event as a chance to “further explore the links between the visual and aural arts.” (Sounds like a good time, right? Did we mention it’s totally free?)

The event will feature the melancholy Drowning Dreamers Band (led by Liu) with a performance that’ll be live-illustrated by Evans, who is an artist and illustrator born and raised in Hawai’i. Evans will project his live digital drawing as the band plays, his artwork responding to their music. Dempster, aka smallerclusters, will open the event by performing a soundscape accompanied by his images.

Not only is the event an opportunity for people to surround themselves with art in its various mediums, but it also coincides with the release of a lyric book zine, a collaboration between Drowning Dreamers and Brady Evans. The zine can be purchased at the event.

Last December, Evans was approached by Liu about working together on a lyric book zine. Having grown up in a musical household—his father was a guitarist—Evans was intrigued. So he agreed. He sought out to become inspired by the band’s debut namesake album by listening to it in full and reading through all of the lyrics. The result? Eight drawings meant to compliment each song.

The illustrations are drawn loose and in a semi-abstract style and layer vaguely figurative imagery to create a somber, contemplative mood in keeping with the music,” Evans says. 

Evans' illustration for the band's lyric book zine.

Evans’ illustration for the song “Pattern.”

Evans' illustration for the band's lyric book zine.

Evans’ illustration for the song “Winter 2.”

The zine can be purchased at the event.

The local Drowning Dreamers Band describes themselves as “an indie chamber folk ensemble” with music that’s perfect for the next time you’re on an Arctic expedition or more realistically, “a momentary, extra bit of restlessness.”

If you have a feeling that’ll be you on Thursday night, then you know where to go.


Thurs., May 31, 6pm
MORI by Art + Flea. 1170 Auahi St.
South Shore Market @ Ward
FREE and family friendly
Find out more information about the event here.