As the AV manager at the Doris Duke Theatre, I preview screenings for the week ahead. Yesterday, I watched Ron Fricke’s Samsara. Whoa. It is REALLY good. It’s a biting social commentary through the juxtaposition of evocative images from different cultures cleverly disguised in the context of a silent art film. Beyond the visual allure, there is a confrontation that takes place between cultures, ideologies and times that is sometimes eye-opening and sometimes shocking.

Some films have immediate and ephemeral entertainment value while others stay with you by virtue of their power and depth. “Samsara” is one of the latter. It’s a film that may very well change the way you think about art, culture, morality and food. I highly recommend it. *Thumbs up*

I’m especially looking forward to tomorrow evening’s screening when Bob Green, a consultant on Samsara and retired UH professor, will introduce the film. Green was also the co-writer on Fricke’s 1992 documentary Baraka.

On screen tomorrow through Friday. For times and tickets, click here.