My cousin Derek Sayegusa, account exec at KUMU, just emailed me a link to an eBay item. For $3,000 you can find out who Banksy is. The seller is “daigroandujo” and in the past this person has sold Maui Jim sunglasses, 2GB of computer memory and two Ecko cardies. How does he know one of the best-kept secrets on earth? “I have uncovered his identity by matching up the prices of his sold pieces to corresponding tax records. I will reveal no more details.”

Who is daigroandujo? Banksy himself? E-grifter? If the artist’s identity keeps you awake at night, $3,000 could possibly buy you a deep sleep. Or a ticket to chumpville. Or you could be part of a work of art. Why does anonymity get people so worked up? Thanks to Daigroandujo, the intangible is now tangible online. It is as possible to buy an identity as it is to steal one.