Artists Matt Kubo, Alan Konishi, Vince Hazen and Michael Sweitzer of the AV Club of Honolulu (Image by Ginger Gohier)

If you missed the Honolulu Printmakers 81st Annual Juried Exhibition opening last week, have no fear, you can still check it out at the Academy’s Linekona Art Center. On view through March 13, this is the largest print exhibition of the year in Hawaii, featuring works by contemporary printmakers statewide. Organized by Honolulu Printmakers, this year’s juror is Michael Krueger, associate professor of art at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

What you did miss however, was a stellar exhibition from the AV Club of Honolulu which consists of artists Matt Kubo, Alan Konishi, Vince Hazen, Michael Sweizter and Duncan Dempster. With three typewriters (remember those?) a long sheet of paper that fed through each machine, and each typewriter rigged with a microphone, each key placed sounded like a gun shot…piping through guitar amps nearby. 

In the vein of “Whose Line is it Anyway,” on-lookers were invited to give topics for the artists to write about. When AV Club Member and Academy Art Center Curator, Vince Hazen handed me a tiny Post-It and said “Here write a topic” I wrote the first thing that came to my mind…”80’s hair bands.” I think Mat Kubo got my topic. I wish I would have had more time during all of the excitement to see what his report consisted of.  The performance was definitely a crowd pleaser. The AV Club was asked back a second time later that evening.


(Image by Ginger Gohier)