Travis Hancock


Travis Hancock on the Hi Sk8 Films showcase+

“We were just trying to copy surfing. Everything about skateboarding had to do with surfing. It was all about fun...

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Artist John Koga’s Naked Tears in the Nanogallery+

A former phone booth in the lobby of the Honolulu Museum of Art School has become a fun and formidable...

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Duncan Dempster: New directions for Honolulu Printmakers+

“Printmaking is such a powerful entry point into creative production for people from all walks of life,” says Duncan Dempster,...

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Talking tech with AV maestro Eric Kelekolio+

In the past year, music programming at the Doris Duke Theatre has enjoyed a phenomenal reboot. As discussed in our...

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Art instructor Joey Chiarello: Guided by spiritual growth+

This summer at the Art School, artist Joey Chiarello teaches a new ceramics class: Build a Creature, which starts May...

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Susan Thomas: Where woodblock prints go for TLC+

In the museum’s Asian Art print collection vault, Susan Thomas carefully pulls out a black drawer, one of hundreds. “Oh,...

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Shangri La’s inside man: Paul Carry+

This past October, museum director Stephan Jost appointed Paul Carry as Lead Interpretive Guide at Shangri La Center for Islamic...

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On the frontline: Kim Hutchison+

Here at the Honolulu Museum of Art, highly accomplished individuals work together to deliver high-quality, inspirational experiences for the community....

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