Hon’ami Kōetsu’s teabowl+

For the past few weeks, my interaction with HoMA’s collection...

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The Red Cliff+

A few months ago, most people would be forgiven if...

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Maitreya: hope for the future+

Sit. Think. Wait—for the isolation to end, for a future...

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The Orchid Pavilion+

For better or worse, alcohol consumption has been a fundamental...

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Compassion embodied by the Bodhisattva Guanyin+

As I write this on April 2, today marks the...

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The Peach Blossom Spring+

Social distancing is by no means a new concept. In...

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Curators’ Notes: A Look at Li Huayi’s Contemporary Reinterpretation of an Ancient Tradition+

One of the highlights of the exhibition Contemporary Landscapes: Li...

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See two ‘Immortal Mountains’ reunited in ‘Contemporary Landscapes’+

Now on view in Contemporary Landscapes: Li Huayi are two paintings, Immortal...

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HoMA adds first Okinawan painting to its collection+

There are some moments in life when the stars align...

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Curator’s Notes: Shawn Eichman on The Hundred Geese’s dirty little secret+

One of HoMA’s most iconic paintings, The Hundred Geese, is...

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Curator’s notes: Shawn Eichman on his talk at Beijing’s Palace Museum+

Recently, Beijing, with a population of nearly 12 million people,...

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Dr. Chester Chang and Korean Art at the Honolulu Museum of Art+

The special exhibition Splendor and Serenity: Korean Ceramics from the...

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