Two fire trucks to the rescue—to disengage a hanging branch.This afternoon a branch broke off from one of the monkeypod trees on the front lawn and crashed into the windshield of a passing automobile. Thankfully neither the driver nor her granddaughter in the back seat were injured. She is an amazing driver to have kept her car under control. The police and KITV quickly arrived. Left behind, stuck in the tree, was a smaller branch. A firetruck arrived to disentangle it. The firemen decided to do this by shooting a firehose up at the branch. The water barely reached the offending stick. So they then took out the bigger, more powerful hose and shot it up at the tree. Still no go. I asked one of the firemen: “So, this method works well for you?” “We never tried it before. Don’t tell anybody!” We laughed. Ha ha ha. Anyway, then a second firetruck—the bigger kind with a ladder—arrived. By this time the traffic on Beretania is backed up two blocks. Yikes. They motored the ladder up, a brawny fireman climbed up and disengaged the branch. Possible future mishap avoided. Firemen are go!

Tree trimmers are coming on Monday to cut back all branches overhanging Beretania Street.