Interdisciplinary artist Kasey Lindley is a student of nature. Born in San Francisco, she grew up in Utah where she had an outdoorsy childhood filled with camping and hiking. She was fascinated by the beautiful southwestern landscape. “That early fascination with the outdoors turned into an obsession,” says Lindley, who is one of the four artists participating in Artists of Hawai‘i 2017, opening Feb. 9.

Hawai‘i is an ideal place to feed that obsession, which in turn has led her to her current project—an exploration of environmental concerns. Lindley cites cell phone towers trying to masquerade as trees. “It’s a parody of our culture’s conflicted need to exploit and conserve the earth,” she says. Since February she has been working on Intertidal Grandeur, an immersive video installation that uses photography, video, and digital media to “articulate, understand and emphasize the artificial within contemporary landscapes.” Projected on all four walls of a square space, it will give visitors a 360-degree perspective. Video may even be projected onto the floor, depending on how the installing of the work evolves.

Lindley moved to Hawai‘i from Florida almost three years ago, following visits to a college friend who is from the islands (and who encouraged the move). “Hawai‘i is a good combination of Utah and Florida—with the mountains, ocean and wonderful weather,” says Lindley. Florida’s very flat. It’s nice to live in a location where I can do mountain activities and still be near the ocean.”

The artist shared her process for her Artists of Hawai‘i installation:

Step 1: My process started by exploring tide pools around O‘ahu, for documentation and research purposes. I started photographing and capturing video of nuances and visually compelling aspects of the landscapes I was exploring. At first, most of my attention was focused on tide pools, but as the project developed, and through my research findings, I began to realize I was more interested in the intertidal zone and the beauty and potential danger associated with that landscape.

Artist Kasey Lindley documented O‘ahu tidepools as the first step for her installation for "Artists of Hawai‘i 2017"

Artist Kasey Lindley documented O‘ahu tidepools as the first step for her installation for “Artists of Hawai‘i 2017″

Step 2: After I accumulated my visual and experiential research for the day, I would then create abstract watercolor paintings that are representative of what I saw, felt, heard, and experienced while in those locations.

A watercolor painting by Kasey Lindley.

A watercolor painting by Kasey Lindley.

Step 3: After I created the watercolors, I scanned and combined them with the photographs using Photoshop. I also made subtle manipulations to the image and added digital brush strokes to create a “digital painting.”

Step 4: This is the really fun part! Once the digital paintings were ready, I began to combine the videos, paintings and digital paintings.Each one of Lindley’s projects builds upon its predecessor—look for a future blog post by the artist that takes us through the works that led to Intertidal Grandeur.