Got the work shipped to the Honolulu Museum of Art for three installations in Artists of Hawai‘i 2013 last week. Going to O‘ahu to install in two weeks. The centerpiece of my new sandbox installation Stuck in the Sand is Cheryl Aardvark, a trompe l’oeil ceramic toy. This toy is part of the realistic ceramic debris in the sandbox.

It is curious to me how objects and houses go through tornadoes hurricanes, and other natural or man-made disasters, yet some things remain as if they were untouched, while others are destroyed. Stuck in the Sand is my way of remarking on this phenomenon.

Roberta Griffith working on Cheryl Aardvark
Editor’s note: You can see Cheryl Aardvark starting Sept. 19, when Artists of Hawai‘i 2013 opens.
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