Artists of Hawai‘i 2009 juror Laura Hoptman selected 87 works by 63 artists from four islands. The result is a broad spectrum of artists, ranging widely in age (16 to 82) and media (painting to multimedia installation). Alongside established island artists such as Kaua‘i’s Sally French, Stephen Niles (a former assistant to artist Anselm Kiefer in France) and  Lawrence Seward (who is represented by the Andrew Kreps Gallery in New York) is 16-year-old Harley Diven, who took up photography two years ago. The teenager from Pahoa, Hawai‘i, missed being the youngest artist to be accepted into Artists of Hawai‘i by 11 days. Retaining the title is Martin Charlot (yes, son of Jean), whose work was in the exhibition in 1960. Martin Charlot is now a successful artist based in California. Artists of Hawai‘i 2009 will be on view at the Honolulu Academy of Arts May 14-August 16. After the jump: The complete list.

Tom Bailie, O‘ahu

Matthew Dyer, O‘ahu

Emily Miller, Kaua‘i

Sharon Baker, O‘ahu

Sally French, Kaua‘i

Vernon Miyamoto, O‘ahu

Byron Baker, Maui

Steven Garon, Hawai‘i

Stephen Niles, O‘ahu

Eli Baxter, O‘ahu

Dennis Goodbee, Hawai‘i

Roy Okano, O‘ahu

Andrew Binkley, Maui

Scott Groeniger, O‘ahu

Lauren Okano, O‘ahu

Florida Bol, O‘ahu

Mikako Hayashi, O‘ahu

Frank Oliva, O‘ahu

Arnold Bornios, O`ahu

Gary Hoff, Hawai‘i

Rujunko Pugh, O‘ahu

Charles Bowen, O`ahu

Douglas Ing, O‘ahu

Hiroko Sakurai, O‘ahu

Wayne Bregulla, O`ahu

Aiko Kameya, O‘ahu

Lawrence Seward, O‘ahu

Joe Bright, O`ahu

Linda Kane, O‘ahu

Joel Sokolov, Hawai‘i

Douglas Britt, Kaua‘i

Kloe Kang, O‘ahu

Moke Stant, O‘ahu

Donald Brown, Hawai‘i

Kazu Kauinana, O‘ahu

Sandra Stephenson, O‘ahu

Liedeke Bulder, Kaua‘i

Klaus Knoll & Cella, O‘ahu

Eve Strauss, O‘ahu

Virginia Carabelli, O‘ahu

Lian Lederman, O‘ahu

Bruna Stude, Kaua‘i

Francisco Clemente, O‘ahu

Karen Lee, O‘ahu

Russell Sunabe, O‘ahu

Margo Cook, O‘ahu

Ryan Lee, O‘ahu

Kathy Tosh, O‘ahu

Tanya Davanzo, O‘ahu

Brian Malanaphy, O‘ahu

Devi Town, Kaua‘i

Charles Davis, Kaua‘i

Jun Matsuura, O‘ahu

Rani Denise Ulrich, Hawai‘i

Carol Ann Davis, Kaua‘i

Charlotte Maxwell, O‘ahu

Allison Uttley, O‘ahu

Jean-Jacques Dicker, O‘ahu

Dennis McGeary, O‘ahu

George Vye, O‘ahu

Harley Diven, Hawai‘i

David Merritt, O‘ahu

Jacquelene Watson, O‘ahu




Names in orange were in Artists of Hawai‘i 2007. Do you want to know who the award winners are? Tell us in a comment.