aoh07_instl_033We posted the artists accepted into Artists of Hawai‘i 2009 yesterday and got a new record for hits in a day: 256. Thanks Hawai‘i arts community! Use this blog as a place to share your thoughts on this 58-year-old juried exhibition—and anything else about art you’d like to discuss. Artists of Hawai‘i (here’s a shot from the 2007 edition) celebrates the creativity locals and residents unleash on the islands—we want to hear from you. Did you attend the free digital workshop we held to help artists? What did you think? Did you attend Laura Hoptman’s free lecture on the state of contemporary art? If yes, would you like to see more events like that? Suggestions? Award winners after the jump.You asked for the Artists of Hawai‘i award winners and you shall receive:

The John Young Award ($3,000) – Russell Sunabe
This biennial award, given by the John Young Foundation, honors an artist of Hawaii who has shown exceptional talent and inspired artistic vision in his or her work

 The Melusine Award for Painting ($3,000) – Matthew Dyer
Named after a medieval semi-mythical figure in France who built things of beauty in the night, this award was established in memory of the late Honolulu-based painter and arts patron Gerry Clark.

 The Roselle Davenport Award for Artistic Excellence ($2,750) – Brian Malanaphy
Named after the late artist and arts advocate Roselle Davenport whose dedication to the arts benefited both artists and audiences in Hawai‘i.

 The Jim Winters Award for 3-D Design ($1,200) – Jun Matsuura
Established by family and friends of Jim Winters in the spirit of his generosity in providing opportunity for emerging artists. The award recognizes the innovative exploration of structure, form and space in sculpture.

The Cynthia Eyre Award ($1,750) – Andrew Binkley
Established to recognize Cynthia Eyre whose contributions as a staff member at the Honolulu Academy of Arts were distinguished by dedication and a high standard of excellence. 

The Jean Charlot Foundation Award for Excellence ($500) – Rujunko Pugh
In keeping with the mission of the Charlot Foundation, this award was established to promote the arts through the encouragement of new art.

The Reuben Tam Award for Painting ($750) – Virginia Carabelli
This award recognizes the artist Reuben Tam’s (1916-1992) life, work and generous support of other artists in Hawai‘i.

The Alfred Preis Memorial Award for the Visual Arts ($500) – Wayne Bregulla
The Preis award, named for the late founder of the Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, recognizes outstanding achievement by an artist.

The Violette Wong Hu Award ($4,000) – Ryan Lee
This award, established by the Children and Grandchildren of Violette Wong Hu, recognizes an amateur Hawai‘i-based artist.