At the next ARTafterDARK, on July 28, Jasper Wong, founder and lead director of POW! WOW!, and Simone Legno, tokidoki co-founder and chief creative officer, will launch an exclusive new collaborative design at the Museum Shop and also paint a mural during the event. The night, sponsored by Bank of Hawaii, will be an ARTafterDARK to remember. (If you’re not a member, you can buy an advance ticket online.)

The museum asked the Honolulu-based, globe-trotting Wong about the team effort—he managed to squeeze in his answers via email while preparing for the opening of POW! WOW! Long Beach, happening now through July 22.

Simone Legno of tokidoki

Simone Legno of tokidoki

How did you and Simone Legno meet?
We met for the first time late last year, but I have been a fan of his work for years. It was after I founded POW! WOW!

Would you say your styles are similar, complement each other, or are totally different?
I’d say they complement each other. We both love cartoon characters and turning them into patterns.

How do you two collaborate on a design? What is the process?
We both just started by creating various characters. Simone turned it into a pattern and merged it all together. He did an amazing job.

Was the design done completely on computers? If yes, what is the process?
Yes. We created vectors via the computer.

Why are collaborations so popular in your genre of art?
It’s a great way to learn from peers and create something completely new.

Do the two of you know what you’ll be painting live at ARTafterDARK next month?
We’re going to recreate our pattern via paint and brushes.