With 2019 just around the corner, people are just beginning to ideate on their New Year’s resolutions. Well, let us make a suggestion: how about honing in on your art skills? Spring 2019 registration at the Honolulu Museum of Art School starts Tuesday, Dec.11. It’s the perfect chance to explore your creative side with studio art classes at the Art School and up at Spalding House in Makiki Heights.

Both new and lifelong students can take advantage of the Art School’s wide variety of teachers and mediums offered. Plus, almost all classes now include visits to the museum where students can study up close artworks directly related to what they’re learning.

This semester, the Art School will be welcoming special visiting artist Robert Dvořák—watercolor artist, public speaker and author of several art publications like Drawing Without Fear and Selling Art 101—to host several one-day workshops. Check them out below:


Drawing + Painting: The Art of Selling Art, January 19

Selling art, your own or other artists’ is easy when you know how! his is a comprehensive sales program oriented to the individual artist and art dealer.  Be prepared for an exciting, fun-filled day of lively lecture and in-class games. You will learn how to sell art to individual clients, collectors, and corporations.  Robert Dvořák, a successful California artist, will demonstrate what works and what doesn’t work so that by the end of the workshop, you can begin selling–and prospering–immediately, with confidence and self-assurance.

Drawing + Painting: Spontaneous Drawing, January 21

Acting more like a meditation session, this drawing workshop will save you months of trial and error and frustration so that your drawing practice will delight and fascinate you. No matter what your skill or background, this workshop will give you the confidence to draw with spontaneity, ease and lightness of being for years to come.

Drawing + Painting: Spontaneous Watercolor, January 20

This is a comprehensive beginning class in watercolor painting. You will learn everything you need to know to paint beautiful luminous watercolors through a sequence of easy exercises.  Using the spontaneous characteristic of watercolor, learn all the foundation skills, color theory, brush techniques, plus how to paint skies, people, landscapes, abstracts. No matter what your skill level, this class will have you painting watercolors fast and free.

In addition to Dvořák’s workshops, Spring 2019 semester will also include some new Art History courses:


Art History: Objects of the Afterlife, January 25-March 15

A sampling of some of the many types of burial and funeral art, found in cultures around the world. Through presentations, discussions and a museum visit, this class, taught by Gary Liu, will consider the varied and compelling reasons for the inclusion of art in places sometimes unseen, and the functions it may serve, not in homes or galleries, but in the great beyond.

Art History: Understanding the Arts of the Pacific, January 23-February 27

The traditional arts of the Pacific are unlike most Western art forms in that they are intricately tied to the spiritual beliefs of the peoples. In fact, Pacific dialects do not include a word for art. “Art for art’s sake” did not exist. Rather, decorative and creative endeavors were undertaken in order to increase the efficacy of an object. Taught by Tricia Allen, this course introduces some of the dominant concepts in Pacific worldviews and how they are reflected in material culture.

View all of the Art School’s Spring 2019 class offerings here.