Academy intern Pema Wangchuk

I am a student pursuing my masters degree in Museology at the University of Washington in Seattle. As part of my course requirement, I am doing an internship at the Honolulu Academy of Arts (HAA) for a period of five weeks where I am engaged in different departments every day. So far, I have visited six departments and I must say from all the museums that I have visited up to this time, I think HAA top my list.

On my first day, I made a tour in all the departments at the museum. That was the time when I realized how huge the museum was. From the outside, the academy appeared small but when I began exploring, I found myself amazed firstly by the extraordinary collections of the Academy and secondly, by the space and size of the Academy.

I spent my first two days at the Conservation department where I mostly observed the work that was being carried out at the studio. I always enjoyed conservation work and just observing them perform their work on the pieces was interesting for me. The next few days was spent at the Deputy Director’s office, the Textile Department, Education Department, and the Visitor Service Department. From all the above departments I visited, I enjoyed working in the Conservation and the Textile department where I had hands-on experience with the materials.

I still have 16 departments that I have to visit and I am looking forward to visiting each department and learning how each department functions.