boz painting“Document your work!” Something art instructors preach to students from the very beginning. For some reason though, it seems to be a universal problem with many artists. (That and keeping a tidy studio.) For Academy Artist in Residence Boz Schurr, documentation is a non-issue—documentation IS her art. Schurr enters the final week of her residency and in her colorful wake, she is leaving heavily painted canvases and hours of video footage squished into hyper speed clips on youtube. The videos document each painting from beginning to end, and unveils a narrative that is orchestrated into the process. This diachronic view of each painting serves as a wonderful counterpoint when viewing the complete set of paintings in real time and in the flesh.

Come check out her in action as she finishes up her residency this weekend in Gallery 31 Art studio. You have no excuse—Sunday is FREE admission because it’s Bank of Hawaii Family Sunday.